About Us

Kitty Kare began in 2010 as a result of volunteering at the City of Thunder Bay Animal Services and witnessing the number of unclaimed stray and abandoned cats and kittens being euthanized due to condition or space issues. We could not stand by and allow so many innocent lives be destroyed.

We are 100% volunteer run, not-for-profit registered charity and receive no government funding. We are not a cost recovery rescue in that we do not have a set adoption fee. We pay all our vet care and foster expenses out of pocket and rely on our fundraising activities and donations.


Mission: To foster and adopt out rescued cats/kittens; educate the public on the need to spay/neuter pets; promote responsible pet ownership and prevent animal cruelty.

Thunder Bay has an overpopulation of cats. Despite City by-laws, people allow their intact/unspayed cats to wander. Whether it is the expense of the procedure or irresponsibility, too many unwanted kittens are born. There is an expectation that someone else deals with the kittens – either that or dump them at the side of a road in the country or in a box behind a building or throw them into the river…after all, it’s just a cat and they’re a dime a dozen. The stories are horrifying.

Adult cats, formerly loved pets are also abandoned. Perhaps people grow tired of their cats once they are beyond the cute active kitten stage or the economic situation does not allow families to keep their pet.

Approximately 1500 of these cats and kittens are brought to Animal Services yearly: approximately 1200 are euthanized. It is heart-wrenching to see the hundreds of innocent faces of these abandoned cats and kittens being taken away to be killed. They seem to know…




What does Kitty Kare do?
We rescue felines destined to be killed at Animal Services due to condition or lack of space. We place them in quarantine (buffer homes) to treat/monitor their health and when stabilized, place them into foster homes. Through fostering we provide a loving environment in a real home.

Felines receive veterinary care as needed. All cats are vet checked prior to adoption: de-wormed, vaccinated and spay/neutered if age appropriate. When kittens are adopted out, our adoption contract requires that it is spay/neutered.

Cats remain in foster care until a permanent home is found.

We work to educate the public through our displays/handouts and also by visiting elementary, secondary and post secondary classes. This helps to create an awareness of the unnecessary suffering cats endure as a result of overpopulation and to promote spay/neuter programs within the community.

We believe that every cat has value and deserves a chance to find a loving home. Our goal is to rescue and find forever homes for as many cats as we can.