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Another busy week. The adoption fair went well. I was hoping for 5 adoptions but 4 is great and we did have a 5th shortly after…..more tomorrow we hope, some of our kittens are ready to go. Suzie took all the laundry (sheets, beds, towels), washed and folded it all. What a treat! Information was passed to Lorraine for the follow up calls, adoption packages partially completed, cards printed, adoption fair supplies sorted through, reorganized and stored.

Our motivation is to save lives but we also know that our rescues enrich the lives of the adoptive families and some say, their rescue, rescued them.

The adoption last week I briefly referred to in the last blog, is a case in point. S is a developmentally delayed woman living with a room mate and supported by a worker. She fell in love with Julie.

We discovered in follow up calls that S changed Julie’s name to Jules – her best friend’s name. Interesting coincidence. Jules crawls up on S’s bed and sleeps with her for awhile  … Jules likes to chase her toy mice and meow.

S says she likes the way Jules licks her paws. She also likes how Jules makes a funny sound and then meows. Tricia asked if she thought that was how Jules might be saying her mom’s name, and S agreed. You could hear the smile across the telephone line.

S’s worker made a schedule for her to help her learn to care for Jules and S is learning to be responsible for Jules.

Tricia is going to the home this week to pick up the Feliway plug in and cartridge.  S invited her to tea. She said she could have water or herbal tea or if she wanted,  Tricia would bring her own bottle of something  🙂  …and as you know if you follow the blog, there are times when we do need that bottle of ‘something’!!!

“So what do you love about Jules?”

“Her feet, her paws, her face, her eyes, her whiskers … everything.”

That’s the thing about this rescue work….we and our volunteers and supporters who partner with us, make a difference saving lives and the bonus?  The once rejected cat which was doomed to die, gives so much joy to their adoptive families.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Sooooooo nice that this person S, now has a kitty to love and to care for….also kitty will give that in return ten fold! Kitty Kare takes time to make sure that the kitty will be a fit into the family and even moreso, that the family will fit the kitty. Sometimes they have been through so much already that making that furever home a seamless and “right” fit, is less stressful on everyone involved.
    Thank you for making all of this possible…..for me THREE TIMES, and for anyone else who has had the pleasure of adopting a Kitty Kare cat!

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