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Tired. Looking at a photo taken 6 years ago (when the rescue began), someone commented on how much I had changed – and I don’t think she meant for the good either!¬† ūüôā Gee thanks. Well I guess I’m in good company – Obama turned grey/white and haggard looking after his term in office. That’s what rescue does to you I guess. Blog entries have been quiet but rescue hasn’t been.

Loaded up the car ¬†with a donated HEAVY 6 foot cat climber and supplies as we were pulling more cats. E is away on holiday and has a friend caring for her fosters during the week. I go on the weekends but noticed that Jo had a “squinty” eye. Brought OTC meds, and went to the home twice a day to dose and check.¬† Thankfully she’s fine just after 2 days.

Relaxing in the evening….text ¬†from foster J alerting me to concerns about a kitten. Advice given. Next morning, J took the kitten to see Alex, KK vet/foster/buffer as it had seizured. ¬†J kept texting updates.

Reiki appointment but kept phone on. Never want to leave fosters ‘hanging’.¬† Relaxing and tried not to worry about the kitten….cell¬† phone rang. ….was like the other day when I was golfing and about to hit over a gully on number 4 – cell phone rang – one of our rescues needed to be picked up post surgery appointment …but I digress…

Foster upset and shaken as the kitten continued to seize. Told J that I would pick them up on my way to the vet as I had little Jan that needed her second set of vaccinations. Be prepared in case the kitten had to be euthanized.  Picked up little Jan and received text.

Don’t pick us up. Will wait and see.

Alex reassured J that the medication takes time and to wait for another few hours. Appointment for Jan and a litter that Tricia brought in from Lappe went well. They all look alike so Tricia noted markings. After I posted the photos on the website, I laughed – none of their markings showed up – they could have been the same kitten after all that.

Dropped off little Jan, loaded up more supplies as Alex was pulling more cats that day.

As for the kitten, so far so good.  Now to find a foster home for litter of 4 and mom and 2 babies that need to be pulled.

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