We Cannot Stray from our Mandate

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For the most part, people who are looking to place their cats and call us, are understanding. We explain our mandate and although we sympathize and make suggestions, we cannot/will not take cats regardless of the reason.

Answering machine even reiterates that…”only from Animal Services if they are to be euthanized and only if we have space.”

What is disturbing is the reaction of a few who are verbally hostile and blame us for their situation; furious that we will not take their cat. They want to give away their problem and not take responsibility.

There are many days when we feel angry towards those who abuse, abandon, and/or neglect their pets or make statements without knowing facts and days like today, when we are berated for saying no. We try to be gracious and ‘take the high road’ but it is frustrating and also worrisome. ¬†What will that person do with their cat….and in some ways, their problem becomes ours.




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