Memorable Easter

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Death, Resurrection, New Life…Text at 10 a.m. Easter Friday. It was Alex. 20 felines needed to be pulled… some sick – all vulnerable. Most were kittens, mom with week old kittens. Panic…okay but where do we put them? Texts and brain cells flying.  Buffer homes are full; we could not put at risk their felines by adding these. We did have an application from a new foster but did not want to place any with her – what if these did not survive.

Mind racing…Kayla and Jarrett. They said they could take one more before they move out of their apartment. Text message sent. Could you take a few? They immediately agreed to take them…but we had… 20… Oh…Twenty? No problem. They have a bright airy extra room.

I grabbed supplies – beds, sheets, towels, litter boxes, food, litter, found some antibiotic eye cream, loaded up and headed off to Animal Services. Alex was already there after having just done an adoption.

Poor little waifs huddling in their cages… Attendant sexed them and handed them off to Alex who separated them out into age groups and into carriers. I recorded description, approximate age and sex. We covered the carriers…20 little lives were crammed in the back of my car. Many hands unloaded and worked to set up the room.

We had a new cage structure. Assembled. Mom and 4 nursing babies settled in. Next the eleven 4, 5 week olds. Alex cleaned up their eyes and applied the meds. The four 12 to 14 week old kittens were put into the bathroom to settle before releasing into the apartment. They too were treated. Kayla had Nutri Cal and we added that to their food along with lysine. She had tablets so I smashed them with a rolling pin. I told them what Graham Kerr used to do – some of you will remember….We watched the little ones romp around the room, discover food and water, and we smiled….and left reluctantly. Saturday, Alex returned and de wormed, brought some Recovery for extra nutrition.

Easter….one to remember. Death, Resurrection, New Life – We hope they will all thrive. At least they will have a chance and experience love.

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