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Getting stressed trying to figure out where our fosters will go when our students go home for Christmas.  We had an adoption fair on the weekend but we didn’t adopt out as many as I hoped for…although delighted that a few found their forever homes.  Thank you to our volunteers; Charlene, Blair, Laura and Jennifer who helped with set up and take down among other things!

Opportunities to sell our fundraisers at sale events…volunteers willing to help, hoping that things will slow down for Christmas. Raffle sales are going well.  On-going contact with sellers, stopping at Pet stores to check sales. I think we will collect any left overs to re-distribute to volunteers who are selling out.

We were thrilled to receive a beautiful painting from Chenier Fine Arts which we hope to raffle off in the spring.  Debra, the owner, had a customer wanting to purchase the painting, just the day before I was picking it up. She could have sold it but rather, she donated it to Kitty Kare. Wow…how generous of her. Emailed city offices to get the package in order to apply for another license. Hope it goes smoothly. Getting the license and the tickets done for the Gift Certificate raffle was very stressful!

Onward and upward.



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