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Memories..oh oh…here comes another song…..”in the corners of my mind” ….and covered in dust.

Attended a City Council meeting to support the TNR pilot project deputation. It was good to hear our rescue mentioned –  once by Councilor Larry Hebert who asked if TNR had the support of other “groups such as Kitty Kare”, and by Chair, Councilor Trevor Giertuga.

It was Christmas 2011. A family was off to a party one evening when they came upon a badly injured cat who approached them. They called AS and the officer picked her up. The little tuxedo had an injured tail and severely injured leg. She was taken to the vet on call for emergency care.

AS will only pay a certain amount for vet care for a cat, so this little one would be euthanized if her owner did not claim her. She was so sweet despite the horrid injury that the Animal Care Attendant contacted us to see if we could save her. Of course we would.

I took her to the vet after her 5 days were up.  Dr. Peterson examined her and discovered her injuries were more extensive than initially diagnosed…including necrotic tissue – the poor thing had suffered longer than thought and during such cold weather. He would have to amputate her leg and trust that the antibiotics would do its work. It was a bit of a journey for Eileen but she recovered. Lenore fostered her and gave her little physio exercises so she could gain her strength back! BTW, Dr. Peterson did not charge us for his time for the surgery… just the meds, supplies etc….such kindness.

The little family was delighted that Eileen survived and after several checkups with Dr. P, she was ready to be adopted. That little family? The Giertugas. So at City Council meeting, Chair, Councilor Giertuga announced to all that were in attendance and watched on cable TV, that he adopted from Kitty Kare…a little cat with 3 legs and half a tail. He not only saved her but gave her a life.


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  1. Lorraine says:

    Ohhhhhhhh…………..how touching! Poor Eileen for such pain, but happy ending all around 🙂
    Thank you ALL:)

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