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We couldn’t get to Animal Services before closing but one of the kennel attendants stayed so we could pick up the cats. They identified 18 to be PTS and we pulled them all. How can you look at a cat and know it’s going to be killed and walk away?  Some will even reach out from between the bars of their cages, pleading to be saved.

Most of the 18 cats that we pulled are suffering from kitty colds –  upper respiratory infections : sneezing, congestion, watery eyes. This can be deadly for little ones in particular because if cats cannot smell their food, they will not eat – little ones cannot afford to be off their food. It is imperative to treat them right away. One buffer mom runs a steaming shower to ensure there is warm moisture in the air to help clear the congestion.  We will use humidifiers, force feed, medicate and clean noses and eyes.

Thankfully most are old enough to fight the infection but you never know.  We had one litter in the past that succumbed to the infection – that was heartbreaking.  We all tried so hard. …buffer mom, vet, and the rest of us who tried to feed the babies.  Mom almost didn’t make it either. She needed to be force fed and a foster/volunteer mom would come to the buffer home to give her IV fluids.  That was a wonderful day when Reba was adopted.

Like human colds, upper respiratory infections are highly contagious.  This complicates buffer placements as we do not want to expose healthy cats to ones with upper resp. One kitten is in a bathroom – we ran out of rooms – not the best place but temporary and as we say “it’s better than being dead”.  The little guy has “eyebrows” that hang in front of his eyes, and plunges his face into food and formula. He always has something on his eyebrows and whiskers says buffer mom!  He will be moved to a new buffer home. She has a room where she can keep him separate from her other cats, and is willing to medicate and care for him while being careful not to transfer the infection to her own.

After removing the 18, a little black kitten was spotted. He was to be killed the next morning so we flagged him, went back to Animal Services the next day and pulled him. Buffer mom says the little kitten is a riot, hops around like a bunny and is happy 24/7…. and we’re just as happy we could save him.

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